Squid Skirt (Glow Series) by Lotic Fishing™.

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Squid Skirt (Glow Series) by Lotic Fishing™.


Ideal for many fishing techniques: trolling, jigging, softbait, cast and retrieve, and more!


  • High Quality Soft plastic body with big eyes
  • Alluring skirt that performs a tantalizing dance beneath the waves
  • UV charged Glow Series – 5 minutes in the sun will provide up to 8 hours of bright fluorescent light to help bring fish in
  • Reflective particles embedded add to attraction of fish
  • 10cm length
  • Colour: Green Tiger


Perfect for dressing your hook (with or without bait) to attract more bites!


Replace or invigorate your assist hooks on your jigs, add on to practically any fishing method for better results. Excellent for longlines, bottom fishing, trolling, cast bait, and everything in-between.


These last much longer than cheaper skirts and have fantastic movement and colour retention.