Single Hook Assist with Skirt (Glow Series) by Lotic Fishing™

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Single Hook Assist with Skirt (Glow Series) by Lotic Fishing™.


Featuring a nickle plated stainless steel forged hook attached to 150lb PE assist cord, you can rest assured that predatory fish is going to stay on your line.


Stainless steel forged hooks allow for greater strength, and enduring sharpness! These premium quality hooks are precision manufactured and are extremely sharp. Rubber shrink wrap aids in solidifying the bond between hook and PE cord so that SNAPPER and KINGFISH have great difficulty in biting through.


Forged hooks, once the shape has been made, have the sides of the shank and bend flattened which makes them much stronger than standard hooks.


Size:6/0 forged J-Hook

Length (including hook): 89mm

Total length (including skirt): 149mm

Pack Size: 1pcs per pack

Material: Stainless steel


Squid skirt features:

  • High Quality Soft plastic body with big eyes
  • Alluring skirt that performs a tantalizing dance beneath the waves
  • UV charged Glow Series – 5 minutes in the sun will provide up to 8 hours of bright fluorescent light to help bring fish in
  • Reflective particles embedded add to attraction of fish
  • 10cm length
  • Colour: Green Tiger / Spotted Squid 


These jig assist hook rigs are exceptional quality and ready to surpass your expectations on your next fishing mission!