Portable Underwater LED Fishing Light with 5m Cable (12v-24v) – Green and Blue available

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Portable Underwater LED Fishing Light with 5m Cable (12v-24v) – Green and Blue available


Attract fish like never before. Featuring 180 LEDs, this fishing light naturally attracts fish to begin feeding. Its rugged design is waterproof and impact resistant, making it perfect for fishing from a dock, boat, or the rocks!


Attract fish, squid, and prawns to your favourite spot with these super bright LED fishing lights. These Underwater Fishing lights can penetrate up to 75m through water to attract marine life at night.


  • Fully Waterproof (IP68 rating)
  • Displays bright light underwater to attract most species of shallow and deepwater fish
  • Extremely bright LED output (up to 1296 Lumens – colour dependent)
  • Available colours: Green, Blue
  • Lamp length: 19cm
  • Input Voltage: DC 12V – DC 24V
  • Cable length: 5m
  • Power plug: Battery clamp



180 LED submersible fishing Light (green or blue) with 5m cable 

Carry bag


Note: We have green or blue colour available. Please choose when adding product to cart.



Plankton are attracted to the light the way insects are drawn to outdoor lighting.  These tiny microorganisms like tiny shrimp and dinoflagellates attract schools of small fish. The baitfish soon set up shop and begin a hypnotic circling of the lights.  These semi-blinded fish are easy prey. These schools of feeding fish draw in the big predator fish that we all love to catch so much – SNAPPER, TREVELLY, KINGFISH, etc. Night after night the fish will come to your lights and feed on the easy meals. The light is beautifully constructed and attracts large game fish. Watch as they gorge themselves in front of your eyes. What more could you want?

Compare this to any other light out there we simple blow it away. This light has 360 degrees of incredible power-not just shining 120 degrees in one direction, we only use high power LEDs. Incredibly bright, all you need is a 12 volt battery!


Do not run this light out of water for more than 1 minute.