LED Eye Flasher by Lotic Fishing™

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LED Eye Flasher by Lotic Fishing™.


There is a reason why seasoned commercial fisherman and spearfishers use flashers; they know that flashers attract more fish. In addition to this, green light has been proven in multiple studies to attract fish throughout the foodchain!


The LED Eye Flasher by Lotic Fishing™ is designed to maximise your strike rate. This flasher is WATER ACTIVATED! Put it in the water and a bright green SMD LED will flash on/off to attract fish. Allow science and technology to give you the upper hand and reel in the big one!


The bubble-eye design with a reflective eye, is designed to flash in the water whether trolling, jigging, bottom fishing, or casting.


The bright SMD LED pierces the water to get the attention of predatory fish such as Snapper, Trevelly, John Dory, and Kingfish!


Light source: SMD LED with chipset

Size: 50mm x 18mm

Pack size: 1pc per pack