Hook Helper™ by Lotic Fishing™

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The Hook Helper™ is your answer to hook and lure storage on your rod.


Gone are the days of wrapping your tackle around your reel handle so it doesn’t swing around everywhere, the Hook Helper™ is here to, well, help.


Each Hook Helper™ comes complete with two different size O-rings for attachment at different points, or different size fishing rods. It is designed to stay flat against your rod and not get in your way while fishing while still being easily accessible to quickly attach your hook without hassle.


Four colours available:

  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Pink

 Included in each pack:

1 x Hook Helper™

2 x Different size O-rings


Keeping your tackle away from your ‘tackle’ has never been easier, put the hook through your Hook Helper™, reel in until your line is tight and you’re good to go!