Diamond Plated Sharpening Pen

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Diamond Plated Sharpening Pen – for Tools, Knives, + More!


Dia Sharp Diamond Sharpening Tool - DMT DIAMOND MACHINING TECHNOLOGY

Puts a razor sharp edge on difficult to sharpen tools.

Pocket size for convenience.

Ultra long life triple diamond plated sharpening rod.

Much more efficiency than waterstones


  • Diamond coated rod sharpens serrations
  • Half-round (one side flat, one side round) diamond coated rod sharpens straight edges
  • Sharpening Groove for hooks · Aluminum housing protects the sharpening rod
  • Pocket clip for easy storage, Reversible rod stores in handle
  • Fine diamond 600 Grit 


With this diamond coated sharpener you can sharpen harder blade materials such as stainless chrome steel.

This sharpener design is especially suitable for filleting knives and kitchen knives, but it is also used for, skinning knives and gutting hooks. The sharpener also includes a sharpening groove for hooks.

This small-size sharpener is easy to carry with you, and the actual sharpener is stored inside a case after use. A handy pocket clip makes sure that the sharpener stays in the pocket. Use water while sharpening, then wash and dry the sharpener after use.


Additional information:

  • Steel alloy with triple plated diamond granulation
  • Length: 13.9cm retracted, 22.5 long when opened (approx.)


The pen is mightier than the sword, and it is only fitting that this pen-sized gadget can hone your edge to razor sharpness in a matter of minutes! This diamond sharpener is at home in a pants pocket, a tackle box, or a backpack, and can quickly sharpen knives, hatchets, and even larger bush blades with very little hassle. Its unique shape makes it perfect for anything including plain-edge hunting knives, serrated diving knives, scissors, fishing hooks, fillet knives, chisels, planar blades, TCT router bits, kitchen knives, pocket knives, carbide steel, and, if you’re really ambitious, garden shears too! The two-part design includes a sharpening stone which fits securely into an anodized aluminum sleeve for easier transport and an excellent grip while making your knives that much sharper.