15 Litre Portable Live Bait Tank

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15 Litre Portable Live Bait Tank 

Looking for a live bait tank for your boat, kayak, jetski, for rockfishing, surfcasting, or even for your launch? Don't want to pay hundreds of dollars for one? Look no further!

This portable live bait bucket has many features and will allow you to easily keep fish alive when you need to. Due to its unique design, it also allows for easy removal and handling of your catch. Combined with the portable aerator, you can keep your bait alive and ready to go for the duration of your trip by pumping oxygen into the bucket!



- 15L Live bait bucket. Top diameter = 400mm, bottom diameter = 270mm, Height = 260mm.

- Two galvanised handles

- Hatch on top to put fish in and take them out (great for keeping smaller fish alive if you want to release them later after catching bigger ones).

- Removable inner cage with lid - helps so the water can drain back into the bucket and you can get a good grip on that pesky Kahawai or remove your catch easier!

- Breathing holes in the lid.

- Mounting hole, and hole in lid for aerator to keep your live baits alive! 

- Water level indicator inside bucket.

- Large enough for legal size snapper, Kahawai, Pilchards, Anchovies, Garfish, Bonito, Mullet, Trevally, squid, etc.