Multiform Mask™ - Protection from the Elements

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Multiform Masks™ are tubular bandanas that offer lightweight protection from the elements. They can be worn more than 10 different ways. The Multiform Mask™ protects you from the elements in fashionable style, or camouflaged brilliance.



  • Lightweight, soft, stretchable, and breathable
  • Sun protection SPF40+
  • Repels moisture and dries quickly
  • Protection from insects
  • Keep warm in the cold
  • Provides a wind barrier
  • Camouflage for hunters
  • Multi-directional stretch (100% polyester microfibre)

18 Different designs available!


Perfect for fishing (fishing mask) and rockfishing (fishing hat), kayak fishing (fishing cap), flyfishing, cycling (cycle mask), motorcross, motorbike (motorbike mask), ATV, hunting (hunting mask), Duck Hunting (camo mask), tramping (hiking mask), military, and much more!


Use the Multiform Mask™ as a face shield, bandana, neck gaiter, pirate style, doorag, ponytail, as a headband, balaclava, sahariane, eskimo, wristband, etc.


The Multiform Mask™ is the ultimate lightweight shield from the elements.