JetSKi Mask - Fishing, Riding + More

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Jet Ski fishing Mask / Jet Ski Riding Mask.



- Large lens, allowing better vision

- Rather than using an open cell foam buffer, found in certain branded"multi-sport masks", these masks are specifically made for use in saltwater environments and have an injection molded foam buffer – meaning salt and sweat won’t become trapped in the foam!

- Designed with saltwater spray in mind, these masks also have micro-vents allowing air to enter but restricting saltwater - Don't ride in a sweatsuit, ride in comfort!

- With an adjustable specialist wide-set elastic strap, these masks are exceptional at high speed; keeping your face and head warm and eliminating heat loss.

Used by seasoned veterans of this sport from New Zealand to South Africa and beyond, these are an essential accessory for any jet ski or watersport enthusiast:

LIQUIDATE Saltwater spray – No more stinging eyes!
MAKE OBSOLETE Fogged goggles – Anti-fog allows for clear vision!
ERASE Wind chill – Stay out for longer!

Choose from three different colours 

1. Intimidator (Black Pearl)

2. Oppressor (White marble)

3. Mercenary (Digital camouflage)

4. Midnight (Matte Black)

Superb for jet skis, powerboats, fishing boats of all sizes, and many water based action sport

Refined to rough New Zealand sea conditions, the supplied clear lens is coated with military grade anti-fog! Sea spray, swells, and waves crashing over your bow are now a passing thought!

The clear lens doesn’t impede your vision like a tinted lens.

These masks take 2 seconds to remove, meaning that when you stop you can whip it off and get on with it - easy as taking off a hat!